Friday, July 13, 2012

A Day Out

This weekend, Mrs. AOW and I are going to the National Museum of Health and Medicine: information about the museum, which has a new location as of May.

Mrs. AOW has always liked gruesome stuff.

I'm not sure why.

She should have been an undertaker or coroner, I guess.

For as long as I can remember, she has been talking about "the babies in jars."  She saw that exhibit years ago on a high school field trip. Video of "the babies in jars."

I am interested in seeing the museum's displays about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Mrs. AOW will be looking for those "babies in jars" and other gruesome specimens.

The new building looks like this and is completely wheelchair accessible:


Always On Watch said...

Rain or shine -- unless it's rain and come high water -- we are getting out of this house for at least part of the weekend.

BTW, Mr. AOW had a bad reaction to a new medication this week. I think that he's better now -- now that I've taken him off the medication completely. Reducing dosage didn't do the trick.

We're also headed out for a little while in just a few minutes for a grocery trip. He hasn't done that in ages.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Don't bring any babies in jars home from the grocery store.

Brooke said...

I hope you have a great time.

I find forensic type stuff fascinating, as well.

Thersites said...

I never even knew they had a museum like this...

PT Barnum would have LOVED this place!

Z said...

I think I'd stick to the Lincoln exhibit, too!!! They don't have HIM in a jar, right?!


Mr. AOW said...

I'll have my scooter, so I will be able to go where I please!

Teresa said...

I'm with Mrs. AOW. I enjoy the gruesome, especially watching TV shows such as Criminal Minds. The museum sounds cool. Hope you two have a wonderful time.

JonBerg said...



Q. Why did Obama step on the cockroach?

A. He hates competition.

Leticia said...

Someone once asked me why I was so obsessed with Titanic since so many people died.

I guess it's just a morbid curiosity? Who knows? But I hope you both have a wonderful and insightful time.

Mr. AOW said...

This museum is excellent. I recommend it.

Some of the stuff made me cringe! That scrotum with elephantiasis! Nasty!

The most interesting exhibit I saw was the one with the series of skeletons from fetus age 4 months up through 5 years of age.

As I knew she would, Mrs. AOW really EXAMINED those 4 babies in jars! They were displayed in a place that wasn't prominent, but Mrs. AOW found that place right away. Figures.

We booked too much time at the museum. Two hours is plenty for seeing all the stuff. But we had a wonderful time. The grounds were lovely, and the handicapped access was the best ever!

We'll go back.

Always On Watch said...

Mrs. AOW here checking on my husband's comments.

Thanks for the joke!

Mr. AOW will be posting it, I'm sure.

Feel free to send more jokes. There is an email addy at the top of the blog.

JonBerg said...

Q. What will Obama do if Romney challenges him to a debate?

A. Claim Executive Privilege

Always On Watch said...

These are great!

I help my husband with his blog (Mr. AOW has the use of only one hand because of a stroke). Your jokes will appear in an upcoming anti-Obama post.


Ducky's here said...

Maybe the skulls of Lizzie Borden's parents are featured.

Always On Watch said...

No Lizzie material. Mostly army medical stuff.

JonBerg said...

Some liberals are rude and arrogant but others are just the opposite.
Arrogant and rude.