Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Poem

I couldn't resist stealing this original poem!

From FreeThinke:

Holiday Howl

There’s nothing to tout.
There’s nothing to buy.
The stores have run out.
Your funds have run dry.

Baracklaus Has Captured Our Town!

For his mill you’re just grist.
He thinks fun’s a crime,
So he clenches his fist,
When you seek a good time.

Baracklaus Has Captured Our Town!

He monitors your reaping.
He’ll ration what you take.
The things that you try keeping
He will grab for others’ sake!

So, you’d better not sing,
You’d better not dance.
Obama’s the King,
He might look askance.

Baracklaus Upon You Will Frown.
Baracklaus Has Captured Our Town!

He’s the stick-thin man
With the big black ears.


~ FreeThinke 12/10/12


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm not going to let that piece of crap ruin my Christmas.

Merry Christmas Mr.!

Brooke said...


Merry Christmas, Mr. AOW! And God bless us, every, one!