Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last night around 10:00, I made a trip to the porcelain potty.

You can guess why.

I got there in plenty of time, but when I started to get up to return to bed, I fell.  Not good!  Especially in a tiny bathroom like the one that we have.

At least I wasn't hurt.  Except for my ego, that is.

Mrs. AOW had to call 911 to pick me up off the floor.

As usual, Mrs. AOW, the independent type, tried to get me up by herself - and hurt her back.

This was the third time that 911 had to be called to get me up off the floor.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well, I guess it's time to install a pulley system in that bathroom. It will save the Mrs' back.

Always On Watch said...

A pulley system is a great idea! Is there a kit available?

Will said...

Sigh sorry to hear this , perhaps you could find such a system for cheap at a retirement home?
I can relate to the back probs, lately things are a bit better but don't want to jinx it.

Always On Watch said...

I wrenched the hell out of my back.

For now, I'm doubling up on gabapentin (Neurontin) and adding ibuprofen as well.

Fortunately, I'm on Easter vacation all this week.

FreeThinke said...


I am very sorry to hear this. If there's any way at all the two of you could find to get into a house that's all on one floor -- with one of those WALK-IN TUBS in the bathroom it would be well worth the trouble.

You're both tough and both good sports, so I'm sure you'll get though this all right, but HELL! enough is enough! -- or so you'd think.

Just promise me you won't even think of saying "UNCLE!" all right?

Always On Watch said...

I'm in misery right now -- that's for sure.

The bathroom here is on the first floor. But the bathroom is so very small! Mr. AOW has trouble getting his mobility aids into the room.

Ducky's here said...

Ironic that Mrs. AOW took the brunt.

Always On Watch said...

The health of caregivers often suffers more than those who are receiving the caregiving.

When I was told the above early on, I didn't believe those words. I do now.

Average American said...

I'm late reading this but here goes anyway---

I don't know if the health industry makes anything to help but I have a pulley setup in my garage that is used to store my kayak up off the floor. It gets bolkted to the ceiling and then the rope goes through two pulleys which cuts the force needed to lift it in half. I think it came from a sporting goods store.

Always On Watch said...

Average American,
Thanks for the tip! I'll try a sporting goods store.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

They are there. Google "House Pulley System".

Kid said...

AOW, what are they hiring hot ladies for EMTs there in your area? Ok sorry for the cheap humor.

Glad you're Ok, Sorry about Mrs AOW's back. Back problems are no good. Maybe you can add some mechanical devices to the area to make it safer? Grab bars or something.

Always On Watch said...

We may have resolved the problem that occurred last Friday night.

Yesterday, Mr. AOW and I adjusted his hemi-walker so that the legs are not so splayed out. Now the device fits into the bathroom.

Still, I'm going to look into getting some adaptations for the john.

Anonymous said...

the fire dept comes out and will pick me up off the floor for free. It doesn't cost anything til you climb in the ambulance. don't know about where you live. be careful my friend.

Mr. AOW said...

The service is free here, too.

But if falling happens too often, the local government sends out Adult Services to check on "elder abuse."

I hardly ever fall anymore. When I first came home from the nursing home, I was taking a tumble all the time!