Sunday, August 18, 2013


One of the homeschool families gave Mrs. AOW and me a vacation for an end of the school year teacher present.  How cool is that?

This will be our first vacation since I had my stroke in 2009.

Mrs. AOW will load my scooter into the Crown Vic's trunk, and off we'll go for some r&r.

One of Mrs. AOW blogging friends will be meeting us at our destination.

Forget blogging during vacation! I have some serious partying to do!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Have fun Dude and Dudette!

Always On Watch said...

We're so lucky to have been given a gift such as this one!

Some gracious friends have moved into our home to cat sit for the duration of this short vacation.

Will said...

That's great news, you both deserve a break, hope you enjoy it at the fullest.

-FJ said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

kick ass and take names my friend. enjoy yourself!

Kid said...

Party On Wayne ! heh

Always On Watch said...

We battled terrible traffic on this short road trip and arrived safely at our destination. But no other glitches! Not one single glitch!

The master bedroom has a king-sized bed. For the first time since Mr. AOW's stroke in 2009, we are sleeping in the same bed!

Today, we plan to go sightseeing.

Mustang said...

I hope you bring back some great pictures, Mr AOW. I'm so glad you have had a change to relax with your bride.

Be well.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW and a friend have departed for the day. Destination = coin shops.

The two women are going to head out for an art museum in a few minutes, then on to lunch at a tavern.

We're having a wonderful vacation. And because another couple is with us, we're getting lots of photos of Mr. AOW and me. I'll email you some photos when we return.

Mr. AOW said...

I did so well until today.

Today I flipped over my scooter while Mrs. AOW and I were at an outlet mall! I launched myself out into the fire lane -- in the street, sort of.

Unlike in the D.C. area, people here immediately rushed over to help me. Two women, and one was an RN. The two women and Mrs. AOW managed to get me back up off the ground with the help of the pole of a no parking sign.

Luckily, I was not hurt. Except for my pride.

Heading back home tomorrow morning. Mrs. AOW has packed the car, and we'll pull out when the sun comes up. We must get ahead of the traffic on I-95!

Duckys here said...

Glad you enjoyed your getaway, Mr. AOW.

But I have to say I heard a couple of things. Racing and tipping your scooter?