Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our new van

Friday evening, the van with the ramp arrived! It's not new, but it's new to us!

It's a 2007 Dodge Caravan SXT with less than 25,000 miles on it.

Two of the features that I decided our van must have so that I can get in and out by myself: power ramp and power sliding doors.  I left the rest up to Mrs. AOW.  She made sure to get a van with a CD player.

Mrs. AOW can drive like a bat out of hell! On our first trip out, she took a corner way too fast and flipped me off the scooter and onto the van's floor.

It wasn't all her fault! I should have been hanging on! After all, I'm the one who insisted that we didn't have to secure the ramp to the floor gizmos.

We went to a car cruise-in last night.  Mrs. AOW didn't dread the outing this time because there will be no more lifting that scooter out of the trunk of the Crown Vic.

In a few days, Mrs. AOW will be posting some of the photos that she took at her own site.

Having this van means that I won't be shut in the house so much of the time.  A big expense - but worth it.  We hope. 

Road trip this summer!


Adrienne said...

Pretty durn snazzy!!

Brooke said...

This is so awesome! Congrats to you both on an excellent find!

Always On Watch said...

The most expensive purchase we've ever made in our lives.

But there was no way around this expense if Mr. AOW and I are going to do some living!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Way to go Mr. Dude! But, please hang on in the future.

Will said...

Great News, hope you both enjoy your coming trips, Does the Gov intervines financially for modifications to the van?
Actually saw an identical van (Not the same color) on wednesday on a parking and the driver was in a scooter, driving up himself up the ramp.

Thersites said...


Always On Watch said...

I have yet to ascertain definitively as to what the tax break on this van will be. Unlike some other states, Virginia and the local government do tax vehicles equipped for the handicapped. Perhaps at a lower rate -- some 3% lower, I think.

Duckys here said...

Good luck with the van, Mr. AOW. Sounds great.

As for Mrs. AOW's driving, well all I can sat is that I've heard a couple of things.

Kid said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. When are you heading out?
Unless that's classified of course.

Always On Watch said...

The classes that I teach end in late May. Sometime after that, we'll head out. I have to arrange house sitters, so the timing of the trip depends on when my house sitters are available.

Bunkerville said...

But the poor crown Vic? Condemned to the dust bin?

cube said...

As I told Mrs. AOW, it's a pretty snappy looking van.

Wishing you both many happy trips.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

The world is your oyster once again. Great deecission, guys!

Always On Watch said...

I am not planning to get rid of my police-package Crown Vic! I might -- MIGHT -- sell the Mustang next spring. We shall see.

FreeThinke said...

Well, you already know what I think, sir, because I've said it at Mrs. AOW's blog, but I'm really glad for you. It's almost like getting a new lease on life.

Now, if you could just persuade her to take some driving lessons, so she won't flip you over anymore, life should be a song. ;-)

Best to ya!

Mr. AOW said...

If my doctor says that I can, I might be able to take some driving lessons of my own.

Mrs. AOW and I have another outing today to get our flu shots. Maybe this time she won't flip me onto the floor! I will remember to hang on too!

Elizabeth Gonzalez said...

I am so happy you finally have a van that can get you both out together! Look out here ya'all come!


Anonymous said...

Great looking WC van. I am a short time lurker that has enjoyed your corner of the net. Thankyou Sir.
In return I will gladly coach on your van and its issues if needed. I have been through most dealer schooling for these conversions. Post them up. I will be back.