Friday, March 21, 2014

This year's spring cardinal

With thanks to Will, who emailed Mrs. AOW with the picture below:

Global warming, my ass!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That sure looks like it would make a great avatar.

Kid said...

We see them all winter at our feeder, well below zero a few times this year. How do they do it.

Always On Watch said...

There is a possibility that we may get 6 inches of snow on Tuesday night. **sigh**

Always On Watch said...

I put out sunflower seeds and draw in the cardinals. There is little more beautiful than male cardinals foraging after a snowfall.

Kid said...

AOW If you live near Costco, they have a fantastic bird food, large bag (40lbs?) It is mostly black w/red and white lettering. Cardinal and Songbird food.

Sunflower, dried fruit, peanut, and some white (hulled something or other, not those little round balls the birds ignore)
We've got woodpecker here and they love peanut,so I buy a 2 lb bag of shelled peanut and add to the bag.

It smells wonderful and the birds eat every crumb of it and it's not expensive. So, we've got woodies, cardinal, a host of small multi-coloreds. The only birds that don't come by are the little yellows that eat thistle seed. I think I'll hang some bags this year for them.

But yea, nice sight when looking out the window washing dishes or out in the pool in summer.

Always On Watch said...

I get a fair value on birdseed at PetSmart, but the price isn't as good as Costco's great bargains. Maybe one of my friends who frequents Costco will pick up some birdseed for me. Thanks for the tip!

We have one woodpecker that makes a regular appearance (not every day, but several days a week). Yes, he loves those peanuts! Unfortunately, the bluejays and the crows love the peanuts too.

I get unsalted peanuts in the shell every week when I go to the grocery store.

A few of our cardinals nest near the house -- close to the piano-room window. Our three cats, all inside cats, do a lot of bird watching.

Duckys here said...

Well, hopefully that's the end of the threats.

The Cape got hammered as it has all year but the storm missed Boston completely, Around town it really hasn't been a bad snow year. The major storms went south or inland.

Been cold as a you know what though.

blueiscoool said...

This is one smart and very prepared bird! :-)