Sunday, December 18, 2011

And Most People Won't Know!

60 Minutes edited out Obama's boast from the show's broadcast on December 11, 2011:

I still can't believe that the American people elected this jerk with the middle name "Hussein"! Now he tells us that he's one of the best Presidents ever. Who believes THAT? Only a moron!

This past Friday, my friend Steve took me to the VFW for the pool tournament. Everybody in the bar was bitching their heads off about Obama.

Was their anger a big deal? Yes! Usually, when people go to the club, they don't discuss politics because the guys and gals there come into the bar to escape the world and have a good time without a peep about politics.

Last Friday was an exception.

I don't remember exactly what had ticked them off, but I do remember that there were several things that had people cussing Obama.

If the people at the club spent as much time on the web as Mrs. AOW and knew as much about him as she does, they'd have been cussing Hussein even more.

I cuss him every single day.


Brooke said...

"Who believes THAT?"

Exactly. ONLY a moron! That's why the criminal 60 Minutes edited that piece, not for time, but to make BHO look better!

Always On Watch said...

Why Obama got elected:

...The agreed upon secret to "winning elections" is to reach the widest possible audience by offending the least amount of people or groups of people. Cast the widest possible net because winning is about including others- not excluding them. Obama even employed behavioral psychologists to attract more people and make others- who did not sign up on the hope and change tour- feel isolated from the herd....

More at the above link.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You can't beat Granny Jan for letting Obugnut's stupidity shine true.

Z said...

It's 60 Minutes editing this out that bugged me even more than his saying it (as if we thought he was humble, right?)
And, really.....LYNDON JOHNSON is considered one of the top 3 by Obama? No WONDER we're in such trouble now with him!

Ron R said...

Johnson, Carter, Obama are all in the running for worst presidents in the past 100 years.