Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back to stroke therapy

My neurologist has ordered an evaluation session tomorrow. She noticed some small but definite improvements in my condition since she saw me 6 months ago.

Also, she was upbeat about my graduation.

If Medicare approves the treatment plan, I will be getting a month of therapy twice a week.

Now that we have the van with the ramp, I won't have to spend $20-$60 a week for MetroAccess service - not a free service although most think that it is.  Twice a week, Mrs. AOW will drop me off for therapy, then pick me up a few hours later.

I'm looking forward to getting more therapy!  No pain, no gain!

Friday, March 21, 2014

This year's spring cardinal

With thanks to Will, who emailed Mrs. AOW with the picture below:

Global warming, my ass!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A sad day

Our 2000 Mustang GT Convertible at Myrtle Beach in 2007

Today Mrs. AOW is taking our Mustang to a friend so that he can arrange the sale of the car that Mrs. AOW love so much.

I haven't been able to drive since I had a stroke, and since Mrs. AOW's detached retina, she really shouldn't ride in a convertible with the top down.  What's the point of having a convertible if you can't take the top down?

Mrs. AOW bought the car on her 49th birthday in 2001.  "My midlife crisis!" she said.

We had such good times with that car from 2001-2009.  I wonder how many times I washed and shined her?  Thousands, I guess.

But now the time has come to say goodbye to her.  Depressing!

Mrs. AOW and I are telling ourselves that we should be glad that we ever owned a car as special as our Mustang. I even won 2nd place in a national car show.  Not much consolation, though.

On Tuesday, I drove our Mustang one last time when my friend Steve came over to help me get into the car.  I'm not ready to drive in traffic, so I just drove her up and down our side street.

Getting old is a bitch!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Coming out of hibernation

For tonight, anyway.

Steve is coming over and taking me to the local VFW for the pool tournament, eats, and beer. It will be raining, but now that we have the van, Steve takes me out even if the weather is bad.

Now that I can get back to bed by myself, Mrs. AOW won't have to wait up to tuck me in tonight. She needs her rest! This miserable winter has worn her down. All she does is shovel snow, then soak her aching back. Easter is late this year, and I think that we're going to get more winter weather. Damn.

I can hardly wait until spring really arrives. I want to see Ballsey! I'm sure that he's pining away for those biscuits that I give him when the weather is good enough for me to ride my scooter down the block.

This coming week, I get two more outings -- the stroke recovery club meeting and the neurologist.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why bother calling it a donut shop?

Mrs. AOW and I have been snickering about this story for a few days now.

Honey Dew Donuts will not be selling any donuts at one of their shops in Massachusetts!

There is more absurdity:
According to Honey Dew's website, its low-fat muffins contain more calories and sugar than many of its doughnuts.

For example, its “Low Fat Blueberry Muffin” has 430 calories, while in comparison, its “Chocolate Frosted Donut” has 280 calories, its “Boston Cream Donut” has 320, plus the miniature, round “Honey Dew Drops” are 75 calories each.
I'm not crazy about donuts.

But when I see feel like eating a donut and see a sign that says "Donut Shop," I expect to be able to get a damn donut at a DONUT SHOP!

Why don't they call this place in Massachusetts "Un-donut Shop"?