Friday, April 20, 2012

A Reminder from George Carlin

Never mind some of his political views. George Carlin was right about environmentalists:

Just think what George Carlin would have said about this story:
Brazilian police announced Friday that they had arrested a man and two women on suspicion of having murdered and cannibalized at least two women in what was described as a purification ritual.

The three defendants formed a sect called "Cartel" that seeks to purify the world and reduce the population, police spokesman Democrito Honorato from the northeastern Brazilian town of Guaranhuns told AFP.

The three defendants, Jorge and Elizabeth Pires da Silveira, both 51, and Bruna da Silva, 25, intended to kill three women per year, police said.

"The details of the actions of the trio, with drawings and explanations of cannibalism, were found in a 50-page book written by Da Silveira, a man with a diploma in education and a black belt in karate," Honorato said.

The book, entitled "The relationships of a schizophrenic," hints at acts of cannibalism.

"The three ate the flesh of their victims to purify their souls," said the police spokesman....


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We're all going to die ... yup.

Black Sheep said...

I went to a Carlin performance that was held at the high school auditorium in Fort Bragg, CA.

Sitting up in the front rows and scattered through the audience were lots of kids, brought there by parents who had no clue what a foul-mouthed guy Carlin was, and true to form, he launched into his favorite rant, the one where he repeats literally every cuss word known and all the variations thereof.

Most of the stunned and shocked parents got up, took their kids and left hastily. The trailer trash stayed on and let their little kids absorb that crap.

As an adult, nothing he did was funny. Every bit of it was deliberately designed to be offensive. He wanted to insult as many people as possible in as short a time as possible, and while I wasn't insulted, I sure was disgusted.

I cuss in my blog, true fact. But I would never deliberately set up an audience for a blizzard like that by not giving any sort of warning beforehand that it was going to be X-rated. No one had any idea that he would actually come off like that on an audience full of kids.

Since that day I've had nothing but contempt for George Carlin. Sorry but as far as I'm concerned, he has no point.

Always On Watch said...

Black Sheep,
Carlin was a peculiar guy. As far as I can tell, he lampooned just about everything.

I never cared for his seven-words routine. But I did love his comedy routine about drivers: "Everyone driving slower than you is an idiot; everyone driving fast that you is a maniac."

I do recall Carlin before he went into his "new" routines with all the cuss words. I'm not sure that those early routines were very successful.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, I fail to understand why any high school would have invited Carlin in.

Krystal said...

Black Sheep, He did a great job as the little conductor on Shining Time Station ...

Mr. AOW, I have to say that is my all time favorite George Carlin clip. I never grow tired of it.

Black Sheep said...

Okay, I went ahead and watched it. Very clever but I still don't like the guy and as to damaging our environment, we really have, hugely. It may be a funny routine but the loss of habitat is no joke.

A billion years will pass. Ten billion. That's fine but all I have is now, and filling the ears of children with gross profanity, and doing it deliberately, disgusted me. I could never like this guy after that. He has no reverence.

Always On Watch said...

Black Sheep,
What I particularly like about this particular routine of Carlin's is that he points out that mankind is CONVINCED of its importance. The ego of mankind really does know no bounds.

Black Sheep said...

That's a fact. Between ego and greed, we're making a fine mess. At least no one claims Manifest Destiny out loud anymore but we still act like we have it.