Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Settling in for a long winter's nap

After all the Christmas goodies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Amber, the kitten that Mrs. AOW and I got a few months ago, and I have settled in for our long winter's nap:

Amber has celebrated her first Christmas. What a hoot!

On Christmas Eve, she freaked out when she saw those big flakes of snow flying around.

On Christmas morning, Amber got so excited about her Christmas present - a catnip toy - that she flipped up in the air and came down in her water dish! Mrs. AOW couldn't grab the camera in time, of course. Amber was off and running to get away from all that spilled water.

Amber in her kitty hut:


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looks like you're teaching Amber what a proper cat nap should look.

Unknown said...

Sleep is needed for the vbody to repair, i realised already a long time ago.The more i suffer the more i need sleep.It's not so much beeing tired as being 'exhausted' ,chronic pain drains your body reserves.
You just 'charge up' those batteries.

Right Truth said...

So sweet.

Right Truth

Mr. AOW said...

I can't remember when I have snoozed as much as I have the last two days!

At least maybe I'll be all rested up for New Year's Eve, which comes in just a few days. I am not sure what Mrs. AOW has planned for marking the end of this sorry year. It has been a sorry year - except for Amber moving in and the excellent therapy that I got the past few months!

Black Sheep said...

I hear you're starting to walk again. Congrats! That must have spread some good cheer on Christmas.

I read that cats spend over half their lives sleeping, as much as two thirds of it. What a hard life, being warm, soft and furry and getting fed for it. :-)

Mr. AOW said...

My walking is slow and a bit tottery. I use a hemi walker. But, yes, this little bit of walking that I can do now is Christmas cheer and makes AOW's life easier!

This year, I have been able to climb a few steps - with some help, of course.

Kid said...

She's a looker AOW and it sounds like she has a great personality.

One of our cats sleeps between my calves like that every night/morning. Little Bear. AKA Gangster Boy. :)

Enjoy. And have a great 2013.

Ducky's here said...

I'm none too happy when I see snow either. Amber seems to have her head on straight.

Mr. AOW said...

The picture doesn't show how beautiful Amber really is!

Amber is probably the most entertaining cat we've ever had! We are lucky to have her!

Mr. AOW said...

Amber really is very sweet!

Lady Liberty said...

LAP O' LUXURY, MR.AOW, MY MAN! SHE couldn't be happier, EITHER! A LOOOOONG Winter's Nap?
JUST up her alley. Dreams of catnip-coated-meeses dance in her head,... WHAT A LIFE! : D

Black Sheep said...

Cats love to hang out in little caves like that, and especially when they're scared. Mine came from the local animal shelter and was pretty much living under a large towel in her cage there. She's fine around me but is scared to death of other people, so she must have been badly treated before she ended up at the shelter. Whoever mistreated her didn't know what they lost, she's really an exceptional cat.

Always On Watch said...

Lady Liberty,
Of course Amber lives in the lap of luxury! So do Mysti and Cameo.

Amber rarely sleeps with me, but she did so for a few minutes in the wee hour this morning. A rare treat for me!

Unknown said...

A Happy New year to you Mr.AOW.

Wish you happiness and strong health to in 2013, both can't be bought and i hope God grant you both.

Brooke said...

They look so comfy together!

Happy New Year, Mr. AOW!

Ron Russell said...

Amber has settled right in. I knew when I first looked at her image that she was a female. Seems all tri-colored cats are female---my grandfather told me that many, many years ago and it seems to be true, but I don't know why.