Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

The way it used to be:

This year, for the first time since Mrs. AOW and I got married in 1972, we'll be spending Thanksgiving alone.

I'm not bitching! Not really.

Our neighbor that always invited us to join them for the Thanksgiving feast almost every year since Mrs. AOW's mother passed away in 1987 has moved far away, and the ones left in Mrs. AOW's family live far enough away that Mrs. AOW shouldn't try night driving because of the bubble in her eye.

Once in a great while, we used to spend Thanksgiving with my family in California.  But now Mom has been in a nursing home for four years now.  Alzheimers.  She's helpless in every way and looks awful.  Besides, we can't fly to California now because of my condition. 

So Mrs. AOW is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.  She's a great cook, but she hasn't fixed a big feast in years. I wish that she didn't have to do all that work!  We'd go out to a restaurant except that the weather forecast for tomorrow is terrible.

Even though this year's Thanksgiving is not what we want it to be, I'm thankful that I'm still alive and kicking.  And our girls (our three cats) will love the smell of that turkey bird cooking!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

A Happy Thanks giving to you both, i hope many Americans use this day to reflect on what has become of America and wake up to the harch reality.

Kid said...

I hope you both have a great Thanksgiving and weekend. Yours sounds a lot like ours. 1 Beagle, 5 cats here will all be standing at attention.

Always On Watch said...


The bubble in my eye vanished this morning!

Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

Unknown said...

That's great news AOW, the Lord does work in mysterious ways, I'm so happy for you both.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

Great news AOW!