Friday, November 18, 2011

A Great Toe Tapper

The song may not be historically accurate, but the words and the music sure are fun:


Brooke said...

Not bad, not bad!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That brings back memories of my yute.

BB-Idaho said...

I was a senior in HS when that one
came out. Those were the days!

Alexander Münch said...

CNN 21, 2011 2:58 AM - Authorities have arrested a man they claim was plotting to detonate pipe bombs, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday night.

The Manhattan man's intended targets were U.S. military personnel who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as U.S. postal facilities and police stations.

The suspect allegedly learned how to make a pipe bomb after reading Inspire, the al Qaeda terrorist network's English-language online propaganda, recruiting and training magazine, according to the source. He is believed to have been acting alone.

The suspect had been under surveillance since May 2009 and "made even some of his like-minded friends nervous," New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters Sunday.

Black Sheep said...

When that song came out it didn't do a lot for American-British relations, as I recall. The Brits weren't at all happy about it. We all had a good laugh though. After all, we won.

Scott said...

Another of Grandad's picks.