Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pure Stupidity To Continue This

As a lifelong coin collector and a former coin dealer, I find these coins unique in that they have the date, mint mark, and motto on the edge of the coin. This placement of the engraving has never been produced before by the U.S. Mint and brings the idea of three sides to a coin to a new level. I'd personally like to see the series completed, but the good idea has flopped and is costing the taxpayers too much money now:

(Hat tip to Z! for the above video)


Anonymous said...

And we keep throwing more good money after bad. It's insane!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I see your dollar and raise you a nickle. Stupid is as stupid does.

Black Sheep said...

32 cents apiece to make, was that? Okay, now what they should do is sell them for 40 cents apiece for a profit, people will snap them up as a bargain and stores will then refuse to accept them as dollars. This way they never make it into actual circulation, which at that price would increase inflation, the government (us) gets their (our) money back at the same time we're shelling it out to buy worthless coins that we made.

So we pay twice, the coins are disposed of, and everybody loses. What could be more appropriate than this, Mr. Obama?

-FJ said...

If they were removing dollar bills from circulation with each new coin produced, I could see continuing production, but short of THAT happenning, this is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Send all those dollars to me. I will put them into circulation for sure. Get me a new roof, new plumbing, add some more rooms. Replace the fencing around the house. Get the back yard landscaped. Get my kids yard landscaped. Buy the two houses next to me and the ones across the street. Tear them all down and build brand new houses to build up the neighborhood for better living.
Lots and lots of things I can do with this storage money.