Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Looking forward to spring

I've got cabin fever lately.

Sure, I get out to therapy sessions at the hospital - sometimes three times a week.

And recently I joined a stroke survivors club. The first meeting I attended was a huge bore: all about what's covered and not covered under Medicare. But the meeting tomorrow night is supposed to be about adaptations at home. Maybe they'll have some pointers about how to use the kitchen.

Mrs. AOW is a great cook. But I want to get into that kitchen and fix my special spaghetti sauce! Having the use of only one hand is a pain in the ass and limits my talents as a chef.

Once spring gets here, I'm going to ride my scooter all over the neighborhood. There is a park nearby with a baseball field, and I can go there to watch the kids practice and play baseball games.

Lately, I've been missing being around people.


Kid said...

All the Best on your wish Mr AOW.

I sure feel the same way. Here, we seem to get a mid-50 degree day once or more a week for the past several weeks, which is nothing more than teaser.

Give me Snow or give me SPRING !

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sounds like you're feeling better. We still have snow on the ground here. The nights have been so cold the snow is becoming ice.

Ducky's here said...

Most everyone' out and about here, Mr. AOW.

Amazing how much Nemo has receded. Pretty much a memory. Think I'll run the fuel out of the snow blower Saturday.

Always On Watch said...

Around here, we never count on warm weather and escape from ice and snow until Palm Sunday has come and gone.

Will said...

Sorry to hear about the Winter blues , i think we all get this longing for the Sun .
I'm also just praying for a bit of Sun, this Winter just keeps dragging it's feet.
I'm in Europe right now and last year this time the weather was like 12 degrees warmer Spring flowers everywhere, now no flowers at all and temp hovering around the 2 degrees mark.

Black Sheep said...

Spring is starting to happen here already. One flowering almond tree is in full bloom, and the morning low was 50 degrees. Wahoo!

Being around people ain't all it's cracked up to be, especially as they get used to seeing you. Some of them will be cheerful and smile and greet you while with others, familiarity breeds contempt. They have sized you up and decided that they're better in some self-centered way.

I also felt a need for more human contact, which was why I ended up volunteering at the local non-profit thrift store. No altruism, I did it for me, so no attaboys are coming to me, thank you anyway. Anyhow, most of the other volunteers are pretty nice people but there's a few who aren't quite so nice.

Being old makes a difference. When I was young, others didn't tend to dismiss me as being unimportant, but now that I'm old, bearded and grizzled looking, I'm out of the loop. We all are, grizzled looking or not.

But... I find that hanging out with other people my age for a few days a week is a good thing. It brightens up my life.