Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why I want a dog of my own

Man's best friend:


Will MFS said...

Yes, man's best friend, always happy to see you, always there for you.

Lowers blood pressure and heart rate as well.

I miss my dog almost every day , having had one from the age of 10.

If it were not for mobility probs I would probably take another one, but my last dog took a lot of effort for me on my bad days.

I notice every day how hard it is just to get my shoes on , God knows where i'll be in 10 years from now, a dog lives at least that long, it wouldn't be fair towards him.

And age is not improving things eighter.

Always On Watch said...

If we had a fenced yard, we would definitely get a dog!

Kid said...

I love dogs also. But they are so much like having kids. They need a lot of time and attention.

Kid said...

PS, Cats on the other hand only need attention when they need fed, or brushed, or let in or let out, or cleaned up after. Hey who's in charge here.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Aw Love.