Sunday, May 25, 2014

Worries here

Mrs. AOW has come down with a terrible case of bronchitis. High fever, cough, chills, difficulty breathing, no appetite. The whole thing.

She was so sick on Friday that she didn't even do the radio show!

Yesterday, she went to the clinic at CVS and came home with an antibiotic and some codeine cough syrup.

She hasn't even begun to turn the corner yet!

Looks like she's in for the long haul.


Will MFS said...

Sorry to hear this,

Is there someone you guys can get some aid from?

In her state she should try to get as much rest as possible.

Give her my best wishes .

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Get better AOW, and MR. thanks for the update.

Kid said...

Campbells Chicken Soup, the old kind with just a little water added. Lots of it. Always helps me. I mix chicken noodle and chicken rice.

Duckys here said...

Did she catch something from a student?
Hope this is short term.

Tell Mrs. AOW I'll light a candle for her tomorrow.

Thersites said...

Get well, Mrs. AoW!

Always On Watch said...

My fever finally broke last night. I'm still very weak and won't return to work right away.

Always On Watch said...

This illness is kicking my a$$!

Always On Watch said...

Complications over the weekend:

1. blocked Eustachian tube (right ear)

2. eye infection resulting from a huge inner-eyelid stye opening up and pouring pus into my eye.

I was able to reach my ophthalmic surgeon, who prescribed antibiotic eye drops. The pain is gone now, and the stye is shrinking.

This is some infection I've had with this illness. Systemic!

Thank God that Mr. AOW hasn't caught this bug from me.

Scott Way said...

All my best to all y'all. I know my wife was a tough little bird. I have faith that your is as well. Take care.