Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great Essay!

Mrs. AOW read this aloud to me, and I asked her to post it on my blog.

A must read:
This negro says “Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.” Yeah, it’s that stupid.

This is Jesse Jackson Junior, who got himself elected to Congress as a Democratic representative on the coat-tails of that loudmouthed Rainbow Coalition jackass, I mean Jackson, his father, who says all the wrong things, gets arrested, chases skirts and can’t seem to ever shut up.

Then along comes Jesse Junior, who wants Obama to violate our Constitution and hire all the 15 million unemployed at $40K a year, for ONLY $800+ Billion. For only a few $billion$ more Obama can bail out all the states and cities, he says.

Has anybody noticed that the stupidest ideas always come from Democrats? Nancy Pelosi says that the monster ObamaCare bill should be passed first and read afterward. Then all the Democrats do just that. Atty. Gen. Holder is behind repeated gun sales to Mexican drug cartels. Obama hires a pedophile to be Safe Schools Czar. The Democrats approve more spending in 2 years than all of our spending since we became a nation.

Republicans, Libertarians and Independents can all come up with some pretty dumb ideas from time to time, but no one tops the Space Cadet plans that have been streaming out of Democrat’s mouths these past few years.

If we don’t get out of Liberal mode pretty damn quick and back to conservative thinking, we’re going to become permanently poor and indebted. We cannot borrow our way out of the poorhouse, doing so only puts us deeper into one.


Black Sheep said...

I'm honored that you would use a short essay of mine to inaugurate your blog, so I would like to leave the first comment.

Blogging can be fun, it's a great outlet for frustrations and gives us a voice in the world. Even when no on leaves comments, we know that someone, somewhere, is reading our opinions. We're reaching people.

Like Mrs. AOW's blog, I look forward now to checking in from time to time and seeing what you're up to. Welcome to Blogging!

Always On Watch said...

Black Sheep,
Mr. AOW is impatiently waiting for his iPad.

In the meantime, I am his secretary.

Alexander Münch said...


An Israeli sailor is sitting at a bar wearing a shirt that says "ISLAMOPHOBE".

Sure enough, two Muzoids walk up.

One of the Muzoids says, "WHAT DOES THAT SHIRT SAY!?!?!?!"

So the Israeli sailor responds, "thats the first thing I hate about Muzoids, they cant read."

The other Muzoid growles, "What did you say!?!"

The Israeli sailor responds, "Thats the second thing I hate about Muzoids, they cant hear."

Then the first Muzoid demands that they take this outside.

Two minutes later the Israeli sailor walks back into the bar unharmed.
The bartender askes what happened to the other two.

The Israeli sailor responds, "Thats the third thing I hate about Muzoids, they bring knives to gunfights."

Black Sheep said...

A secretary? That's what I need, and a housekeeper, and a cook, and a gardener, and....

Mr. AOW said...

Here I am! I now have my iPad! Happy birthday to me.

Black Sheep, thanks for your comment.

Will said...

Happy Birthday Mr AOW.
As i said before to Mrs AOW i admire the courage of you both!
May God protect you both and give you swift complete recovery.
I wish you many healthy returns.

Brooke said...

You got your iPad! AWESOME!

Great read, too!

Jacqueline said...

Mr. AOW great you got your ipad! I hope your going to have a great birthday. As for my message about the SOB Islamist, they should all be shot and rot in Hell!! And that's as nice as I can be about them.
There's a whole world out there, for you and great games too :^)

Mark said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. AOW. I hope this will prove therapeutic for you and will speed your recovery.

Islam's not for me, either, but of course, I am already a follower of Jesus Christ and I cannot serve two masters. My Master is stronger than their master anyway.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Mr. AOW. You may not know it, but you and Mrs. AOW have been an inspiration to many of us out here in the blogosphere.
I'm an old geezer that had his career cut short thirteen years ago due to health issues. I starting blogging a year ago and it it has changed my life. As the owner of your blog you can say what ever you want and you'll be surprised at how many people there are that will agree with what you think. I even enjoy sparring with those that don't agree with me. I hope you find as much joy in blogging as I have.
I'll be back from time to time to see what's on your mind.


Jim at Conservatives on Fire

Mr. AOW said...

So, both of us are old geezers taken out of the work force. And both of are conservatives too.