Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ironing Out The Details

From Always On Watch:

My iPad experts are working on exactly how to configure Mr. AOW's iPad. We need to decide whether to go with just wifi or also add 3G.

3G will allow Mr. AOW to access his iPad almost everywhere! He could share information with his buddies at the VFW and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I'm getting iPad lessons from my guru. "J" really knows his stuff!


Alexander Münch said...

Did you know?

Alexander Münch said...

1 - 
2 -   
3 -   
4 -

Warren said...

If you keep playing with it you'll go blind!


Mr. AOW said...

I had to put my glasses on to finish reading your comment.

Mr. AOW said...


Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW's comment to you is the very first comment he has typed in himself. **smile**

Jacqueline said...

Hi Mr.AOW, glad to see you posting.