Monday, February 27, 2012

How Our White House Weasel SHOULD Have Apologized!

One of Mrs. AOW's finds, and it's spot on:


Brooke said...

If I were the president:

Dear Camel-Humpers:

I sincerely apologize for the carelessness of our soldiers in the burning of a few Korans. They should have been more thorogh and burned every single one in that shithole villiage!

I know that, although you savages refuse to apologize for the murder of Americans over the immolation of a few inanimate objects, you must feel terribly sorry.

Therefore, to ensure that this never happens again, and in liue of some renumeration from you over the lives of our men, I have ordered the immediate withdraw of every single American, and ordered an nuclear strike of your hellhole country the minute they are gone.

Have a nice day! Allah snackbar, or whatever!

Black Sheep said...

I pretty much agree with the above comment. Being possessed of the facaulty of memory, I place most of the blame for our current problems with the Middle East on W. Bush. When we were attacked out of Afghanistan, he attacked Iraq because Afghanistan has no oil. He did also engage in Afghanistan but only as a token, and wasn't really concerned with getting bin Laden. In fact, most of bin Laden's richest family members and the Saudi royalty were here in the States on 9/11 and Bush personally arranged a chartered flight out of the country for these Muslim scum and gave them Secret Service protection during their exodus.

Our Middle East policy was one of appeasement to the Islamists long before 9/11 and still is. Point of fact, we could have taken Osama out many years ago but didn't out of deference to his rich Saudi family. So Obama's craven apology to the Afghans is right in step with Bush's kiss on the mouth of King Fahd. Yes, I have a picture of that in my archives. Fahd liked to refer to "his slaves in the White House", and that's pretty much right.

Will said...

Hi Mr.AOW.
It might sound strange but i hope he goes on apologising and bowing , in the end he just might wake up that 'sleeping Giant' Admiral Yamamato talked about,the result will be a devastating loss in November the Democratic party will have never seen such a loss.

The guy who develops those
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