Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our No-Class President

Total lack of respect for the office!

Addendum from AOW below the fold.

The commercial that Clint Eastwood should have made:


Alexander Münch said...

I read an article on burial customs around the world, today and in ancient times and the writer (Anthropologist) ended his assay with a question.

If you would have known of a tribe that instead of burying their dead - they actually eat them!
What would you do?
Would you do your utmost to divert them from practicing this cannibalistic ritual?

Of course you would! (The writer replayed for the reader...)

I just had a lunch with a colleague of mine who is an Anthropologist and a professor in the local University.
He is also the Big Chief of that tribe!...

Brooke said...

And I thought the Clintons were bad!

There aren't enough facepalms in the world!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Mr. Dude ... thanks for the behind the scenes look at the Pantload and company.