Thursday, May 3, 2012

Judas Priest!

From Z's site:

PS: I use the phrase "Judas Priest!" when I've exhausted all the other similar phrases. Mrs. AOW wouldn't type in the original title that I came up with for this post.


Always On Watch said...

The last time that Mr. AOW used the phrase "Judas Priest!" -- the final, ahem, evacuation during a colonoscopy prep.

Will said...

Amazing...have no words for it, don't you have a few 'nieces' in Good old Mexico, sound like a great scam.:)
Pitty these people are not related to Gibbs gitars.

Linked the story!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You could of used a much stronger phrase and it would have fit too.

Brooke said...

Unreal! I live in an alternate reality!

Z said...

HI, Mr. AOW...and so few are watching the video! People NEED TO HEAR THIS STUFF!
Thanks for posting it here!

xxx I'm surprised any of us can keep it down to JUDAS PRIEST !!
Is ANYBODY minding the store?

xoggoth said...

Substitute Poland, Lithuania, Bangladesh etc for Mexico and this sort of thing is happening in the UK too although, as we are in the EU, it's all legal as far as Eastern Europe is concerned and there is damn all we can do about it.

When they see this sort of thing going on, why should we expect decent people to bother?
This is all

xoggoth said...

PS I had one of those colonoscopy things, not half as much fun as I had hoped.

Black Sheep said...

This is exactly why I want our National Guard stationed all along our border with Mexico and ordered to shoot to kill, ANYONE seen crossing illegally into our country. We have the right, and frankly we have the DUTY to repel invaders who threaten our national security.