Monday, June 4, 2012

Remember These?

More information here.

There are a few drive-in theaters still left, but none near where I live


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We had two right near my house growing up. I believe they are both gone now. The real estate was worth a fortune.

I remember driving in as a teen with only two of us sitting up front. We'd get parked and the back seat would tip down and three more of us would crawl out of the trunk.

Brooke said...

There are a couple that have long since closed down close to where I live, but THIS is a stone's throw away! I used to have an apartment not close enough to see, but to get the FM transmission.

I haven't been in forever! I must take the kids!

Brooke said...

Sorry. This.

Brooke said...

DANGIT. Here's the URL:

Always On Watch said...

Bit of a stutter getting that link to work, huh?

Been there, done that -- so many times!

Brooke said...

Yep! I wish I could preview comments! :)

BTW, have you seen Blogger's new word verification? I have perfectly good eyesight and I can't figure it out! It's a blurry numerical photo with that awful type!

Always On Watch said...

The new word verification is a BITCH!

Why can't Blogger be more user-friendly? **sigh**

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, long gone and missed although there are a few still operating in rural New England.

I was fortunate enough to get some good shots of the old Falmouth drive in before they tore it down.

Always On Watch said...

Well, hello there, Duck.

I think that there is also a drive-in in upstate NY, too. I think that Mr. AOW and I saw one the last time that we visited the Buffalo area.

Are the photos you mentioned online?

Ducky's here said...

No AOW, they were shot with a film camera.

While we are getting nostalgic, remember those?

Ducky's here said...

However, I did have up a shot of a homeless man I took at Revere beach.

Fascinating guy. He asked where I was from and I told him. Then he says I must remember the Meadow Glen drive in.
I said I do but the memories vague, I used to go to the Revere.

So he asks about the old Bal-a-roue roller rink.
Hell yes, everyone remembers the Bal-a-roue. So he launched into a story about the organist getting a wicked beating from the manager over an apparent menage a trois.

I gave him ten bucks and asked if I could take a photo.

That area is nothing but fast food joints, a couple of car dealerships and a Jiffy lube.

It was worth ten bucks.

Always On Watch said...

With a scanner, you could convert the photo to digital.

URL for your photo site?

Ducky's here said...

AOW, right now I just post up occasionally at Flickr.

My ID is breathless400 in honor of the French New Wave.

I'm finding I enjoy street photography more than I expected.

Always On Watch said...

You don't tweak the photos?

Ducky's here said...

Other than adjusting the white point and a little sharpening in some cases they are generally as shot.

I had a lot of problem focusing the graffiti shots due to the light conditions.

Always On Watch said...

I don't know how to tweak photos. Something I haven't learned yet. I should get my neighbor to show me how as he's a master at photo editing and photo enhancement.

You favor b&w over color?

I did go through your photos site and look at every one of the color pictures.

Question: Do you stage some of the photos, or we the objects in the photos exactly positioned as you encountered them? I'm speaking of mostly the b&w photos in that question.

Another question: I saw the photo with the word "Capitalism." Was that taken at an actual sculpture garden in New England?

Ducky's here said...

Do I favor B&W over color --- Color has its place but is largely a fad.

None of the stuff I post on Flickr are staged. I try to develop my instincts. If I see I shot, I point and click. The camera is set to a set of "neutral" positions and all I adjust is the focal length.
I enjoy street photography and I for my the trick is to catch a gesture or an expression. Some of the shots have drama but I often avoid any drama and put the emphasis on an "interior" state of mind.

The "Capitalism" shot was taken at the Decordova sculpture garden as their biennial was being taken down.
I was one of several shooting that particular piece. There is a shot labeled "Election Year" in that series which shows the complete piece.

I would recommend you try some photography and get a basic editing program. It's easy enough to learn the basics of contrast, cropping, sharpening and color enhancement. It isn't an expensive hobby either. A lot of the stuff on Flickr I shot with an $75 lens. And the beauty of digital is that flash cards are dirt cheap and you can just keep clicking.

Always On Watch said...

I've never delved into street art.

I think that my computer has a basic editing program, but i haven't explored that program at all.

Do you have a digital SLR?

Ducky's here said...

I use a Canon Rebel T2.

Always On Watch said...

Yep. A digital SLR.

I don't have one as I don't take enough pictures to warrant that expense.