Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amber has arrived!

Mrs. AOW has the information.

So far, she is Mrs. AOW's kitten. I expect that to change once Amber has the run of the house.

Amber will get the run of the house in about 10 days.

Mrs. AOW brings her to me several times a day.  Amber settles right down with me.  Except for growling at Mysti and Cam-Cam.  Mysti gets scared, Cameo gets pissed off.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Have fun with your new kitteh.

Joe Conservative said...

I'd hold out for a big dog, were I, you, Mr. AoW. Something to keep the cats out of your chair. ;)

Mr. AOW said...

I don't mind sharing the recliner. Dusti shared, Cameo would not! I think that Amber will share. She is very mellow.

Brooke said...

She's a beauty! She'll fit in nicely.

Kid said...

Pets are wonderful companions.