Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dumbass Environmentalists

The Reflecting Pool on the National Mall is now a mess after being reconditioned for $34 million.  $34 million shot to hell.

The dumbasses put river water into the Reflecting Pool!  Now the pool is growing a bumper crop of algae:

That area of the Mall stinks to high heaven too.

Getting that dirty river water into that pool was a two-year project!

Anybody with any knowledge of what i's in the water from the Potomac River could have seen this FUBAR coming. Even the fish go belly up in the nasty water of the Potomac.

Of course, nobody on our local news programs will mention the real cause of this SNAFU: the damn greenies.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It needed to be circulated and chlorinated.

Brooke said...

I say put the House and Senate in there. It's their natural ecosystem.

Leticia said...

Wood has a point and it really does look like it would stink to high heaven. How embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

How stupid they are. They stink all right, just like the blokes in the Senate and Congress and the White all just stinks in the dirty beltway, mall or no mall skanky water!

Will said...

Next you put grass carps in there and you have free food by Obama.