Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God help us if these people vote!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yes, let's get rid of student loans. They seem to be wasted.

Leticia said...

This is going to give me nightmares!

Sad to believe those kids are clueless about what the president duties entail and it is not to give them a free ride in college and get them jobs.

Good grief!! That's what's voting for Obama? Apparently the colleges these kids are attending have learned absolutely nothing and will wind up lying around on their parents couches.

And I still couldn't figure what that one guy was saying????? What the heck? Speak English, or coherently.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mr. AOW! Hope you and Mrs. AOW are well!!! :) Sorry I have been AWOL, but school and family have me busy.

I listened to this video and it is disgusting. You are right God help us if these people vote. I cannot get over how dumb people are. (Not sure I can say this here but in Lynchburg they call these people "anal." LOL)

Anyhow, if you want on of my in your face reads I guest blog at Right Truth. My friend Debbie there is awesome like Mrs. AOW!

"Another Discourse in America’s Colleges and Universities"

If you look on the right side down the column on Right Truth, you can find me under Contributors, and click my name and all my writings for the blog will come up - when yah feel like reading that is.

So, me and the hubby are waiting on y'all as they say down here to come visit! I hope it is soon. I would love to have you guys for Thanksgiving if you two are not going to be with family. All ours are up in Chicago.

You take it easy. Sorry it took me so long to get here. Gosh, I have not even been to Mrs. AOW's blog in forever, but I promised her I would come by and glad I did!!! Keep up the great job! I wish I had more time to blog, but have to finish my degree! Oh, John is going down to Charlottesville for his consult to set up the surgery date for his spinal cord stimulator! Hurray, maybe he will finally get his life back. No more back pain or opiates! Hurray. He did the trial and it was awesome. I told Mrs. AOW I hated for the temp to come out. He really did well with it.

You take care and I cannot promise when, but I will be back!

Your friend,
Layla (don't let my aka scare yah)

Always On Watch said...


Right now, two things are preventing us from making any travel plans:

1. New kitten, as of September 13. I lost my kitty to cancer on August 21.

2. As my harrowing ride home from work showed me in spades on Tuesday, the Crown Vic, which transports the scooter, suddenly has a brake problem -- probably the master cylinder. I should find out soon what the problem is as a friend is going to test the vehicle tonight. I hope to have the vehicle repaired next week. We shall see.

Mr. AOW is very busy with every-Friday and every-Monday therapy this month. If Medicare approves, therapy will continue.

He is barely looking at his blog these days as therapy is THE priority. You know that THAT is.

I do hope that the spinal cord stimulator works for John.

About Thanksgiving....My neighbor typically has us over for the feast. If for some reason she does not, I'll give you a call! Thank you so much for the kind invitation.