Sunday, December 22, 2013

I won the raffle!

No, not a car and not a vacation.

I won 10 lbs. of Kunzler's Bacon!

Kunzler has a great reputation.

We had bacon and eggs this morning for Sunday Breakfast. I'm sure that we'll be having lots of bacon for breakfasts now. And probably for lunch and dinner too.

Bacon was one of the two raffle prizes. The other prize was a computer tablet - or some such.

I'm glad that I won the bacon instead! I already have an iPad, which I use mostly to look up coin information and for listening to Blue Collar Radio.


Will MFS said...

That's great news, wouldn't mind such a prize as well.
Only thing I ever won was a freezer at a Base bingo while visiting a German US base, gave the prize to the Family where I was staying. :)

Now just imagine if a Muslim won this 'Bacon prize' would he give it away or sue?

-FJ said...

bacon goes with everything! Congrats!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Is it all gone yet?

Anonymous said...

I want some...whine...


Always On Watch said...

Even WE, dedicated bacon lovers that we are, can't eat 10 pounds of bacon in only 3 days. But we tried!

Always On Watch said...

You should whine. This bacon is the best I've ever had. I may have to buy directly from Kunzler's at some point.

Always On Watch said...

I've laid in a supply of fresh tomatoes for bacon & tomato sandwiches.

We have dinner with friends today and tomorrow. The food will be rich and delicious. But we'll be ready for bacon sandwiches after those feasts. Bacon rules!

Always On Watch said...

I froze most of the bacon. I'll be pulling bacon out of that fridge-top freezer for months!

Kid said...

Some good looking bacon AOW