Monday, December 9, 2013

It looks like Christmas here!

One of many photos Mrs. AOW took on Saturday
It snowed some yesterday, and our house looks even more like Christmas!  Outside and inside!  Mrs. AOW decorated the inside last week.

This photo doesn't begin to show what all Decorate A Vet has done for us on Saturday - and before then, too.

Mrs. AOW has explained a bit more at her site.

Over 100 people were here on Saturday to bring us a Merry Christmas. I was even interviewed by two different local TV channels!  But I look like an old man in front of that camera.

Well, I am an old man!

But Saturday was a great day.  Too bad that the Decorate A Vet dinner banquet planned for yesterday had to be canceled because of the icy roads.  Maybe they'll reschedule it. The best part of Saturday was being around so many people.

From local news coverage here in the D.C. area this morning (graphic added by AOW):


Will said...

It's a beautifull thing they do , hopefully this will grow all over the US, Next year hopefully more will 'Cover' a vet.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looking good MR. Wow, that is a lot of people. I find that being an old man makes you look like an old man ... but we're handsome in our own way. Just ask the MRS.

Kid said...

Good 'Stuff' AOW