Friday, September 5, 2014

Man-cave access at last!

The local American Legion, veterans helping veterans, built me a wheelchair ramp so that I can get back into The Little House, which I used as my man cave.

I had my stroke there on September 15, 2009.

At last I can get back inside my man cave!

Mrs. AOW took these photos:

It makes me sad to see how much of my life is now over and is never coming back.

I'm spending a lot of time sorting out the mess in The Little House, damaged quite a bit by the EMT's when they had to pull me out of there.

I'm also a bit mad because Mrs. AOW sold some of my stuff in a yard sale. But she was doing the best that she could, I know.

She also threw out a lot of her own stuff - including an old piano that she no longer uses. So, she didn't throw out only my stuff.

I have to spend my time out there in small doses because it's downer.

But at least I've reached the point that I can actually do something to clean out my man cave!


Joe Conservative said...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We all have to have our man caves. I'm sure you'll get to the point of being comfortable in there again.

Z said...

This'll be painful at first, you describe that feeling so poignantly...but I'm betting on ol' Odie's take on this; pretty soon new, happy memories of what you CAN do and ENJOY will start to be the norm.
I'm counting on that for you, Mr. AOW! xxx