Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy For a Few Days

This weekend, I will be going on another outing -- this time to a coin show.

Getting ready to go on a strenuous outing takes a lot of preparation. It's not just the getting ready. It's also the getting rested up. After being pretty much off my feet for almost three years, doing even little things takes a lot of energy. I don't have much stamina, though my stamina is improving bit by bit.

Thanks to all who take time to visit my blog. Sorry that I don't always respond to comments and emails.


Will said...

Hi Mr AOW.
I can imagine how much the muscles must have suffered from being of your feet so long , it must be very exhausting for you.
An extra daily dose of Magnesium can help prevent musclecramps.
Wow a coinshow another thing that interest me, you're the lucky one.:)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Have a good time, and don't give the Mrs. a bad time.

Alexander Münch said...

See the rest of my collection on your e-mail.

cube said...

Have fun on your outing!

Mr. AOW said...

Years ago, I was a coin dealer. Wish that I had some of those coins I use to buy, sell, and trade! Coin prices today are sky high!