Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Day at the National Museum of the American Indian

Mrs. AOW, The Beak, and I had a GREAT time on Saturday, March 31!  The Beak came with gifts for me: a movie poster and a glossy still photo from Harvey, my favorite movie.

We went to this museum in Washington, D.C.:

Another view of the museum:

The architects of this museum really did create a wonderful building!

I wanted to go to this museum because they had this special exhibit in town for a few months:

Press release about the exhibit we went to see.  That VW is covered with TWO MILLION beads!

One of the best things about the National Museum of the American Indian is the Mitsitam Cafe. Check out the information about that cafeteria!  The Beak had venison sausage and a buffalo burger.  Mrs. AOW and I had maple-brined turkey with cherry sauce, watercress salad with wild rice, and beets with apples and candied walnuts -- all Native American Indian foods from the Eastern Woodlands tribes.

After we spent all day at the museum, the paratransit driver allowed The Beak to ride back to our house with us so that he could relax here at our house before catching the subway back into D.C., then the train to NYC.

This outing was our best trip since I had my stroke in September 2009.  I can manage my scooter just fine, and that gives Mrs. AOW a break.  On the big concrete platform outside the museum, I got to spend some time speeding around on my scooter and turning donuts.  Freedom!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Mr. Dude, I'm so glad to hear your trip was a great success. Your mobility is great to hear. Sounds like there will be more trips in your future.

beakerkin said...


You summed up the day correct yet there was one item that gave me a snicker. I had a real laugh when I saw the gold album from the Village People. The Indian in the Village People was in fact a genuine Indian.

Brooke said...

LOL, Beak!

I'm glad that you all had a feast for the eyes and mind, and one for the mouth, too! :)

Black Sheep said...

Beads! My God! I thought it was painted, and that would have taken months, but BEADED? A beaded vee-dub. LOL.

Looks like a fun holiday. Glad you're getting around.

Z said...

BEADED? How cool is THAT?

Mr. AOW...it all sounds just wonderful and, yes, SO FREE a feeling for you! FINALLY!
I'm thrilled to hear how well you're doing and that you got this great day out......I love that they serve food native to Native Americans.
Super that you got so much time with beak, too.

thanks for the report! xxx