Monday, April 23, 2012

The News

I hate watching the news.

I'm not talking about politics.

I'm talking about all the things that the talking heads and news reporters say are good for you and these wonderful things that you should get.

Lots of people try whatever that product is.

Next, out comes the "new information." The product is bad for you and will even kill you!

Or else the product is illegal, which makes even more people want it.

I'm sick of the merry-go-round!

Don't even get me started bitching about the commercials for wonder drugs. They have side effects that would scare the coldest-blood hit man in the Mafia.

I should stick to watching You Tube and reruns of "Two and a Half Man."

Hell, even old reruns of "House" and "Cold Case" are better than the stupid news, which constantly says one thing, then turns around and says the total opposite.

Even "The Three Stooges" has more brain matter than most of these idiots on tv news.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I can't remember the last time I watched the news.

Black Sheep said...

Re-runs of M.A.S.H. are the best.

Speaking of drugs, what do you think of all the 5-Hour Energy ads? The stuff is a mix of vitamins and caffeine and the ads tell people to use it every day. Gee. You don't suppose that could become addictive, do you?

I never in all my hard working life needed to take an energy boost to get through the day. Now everyone's using them. This ain't good.

Alexander Münch said...

I love News!

I watch 4 TV channels (x4 screen), Inject the Internet straight into my veins and listening to the News Scanner and local radio on my earphones... SIMULTANEOUSLY!

I'm a News junkie! I'm addicted!

A day ago, there was a blackout in my "hood" for half an hour.

I died three times!

Alexander Münch said...

These I call - NEWS!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took the opportunity ahead of Independence Day on Wednesday to acknowledge Israel's "millions of friends," both Jewish and non-Jewish, and thank them for "their unwavering support" of the Jewish state.

In a special YouTube video posted on the eve of Israel's celebration of 64 years of Independence, the prime minister said in English that Israel is "unique" for having such "passionate friends... for whom the well-being, security and future of our country are so important."

"This passionate support, along with Israel’s strong army, free economy and dynamic society, is the pillar of our national strength," he said.


Mr. AOW said...

Black Sheep,
What do those energy drinks do to blood pressure? I wonder if people will be having strokes because of those drinks?

cube said...

I'm cutting back on news myself. I love the MeTV network where I can catch reruns of the good old stuff such as Hawaii 5-0, Gunsmoke, Kojak, Bonanza, etc. Much better for my blood pressure.

Ron Russell said...

Unlike Woodsterman I watch the news all the time and never surprised at what it has to offer. But I sit in my seat and think what will I say the nest day to counter the "nitely news shows", often I'm preplexed and left without words, but slowly the words come and I'm surprised at the word that flow". They are simple and profound, "no hope and no change" end of story!