Saturday, July 6, 2013

D.C. fireworks finale 2013

Something new in this year's display:

YouTube says:
The fireworks display over Washington, D.C. was quite different this year compared to past years. The "USA" fireworks shells were a hit with the crowd and the grand finale was great, as usual. This video shows the USA shell bursts and the grand finale of the fireworks show.
Mrs. AOW and I also watched the fireworks televised from NYC. We were much more impressed by the D.C. fireworks! More colorful!


Z said...

WOW, that was beautiful! I don't get what's different about the USA fireworks, but I LOVED it, thanks!
Take good care of AOW with that iritis!
xxx big hugs to you, Mr. Z

Mustang said...

I wonder how long it will take the mouselums to figure out to hit us with a big one on the fourth ... ?

Thersites said...