Friday, July 26, 2013

Obama's "leadership"

This is what it amounts to:


Kid said...

Sorry AOW, that's not good enough. Impeach him, then if biden needs impeached, impeach him too and keep going down the line.

Personally, I do believe all this is lip service to keep republicans on the voting hook.

It wouldn't do them any good though as they commit political suicide by the day with their focus on social issues. IN fact by opposing obama at every turn, and getting Nothing out of it, they play right into his hands by allowing him to blame everything on the "obstructionist" repubs.

boehners best bet would be to hold weekly news conferences reiterating that they aren't going to stand in the way of anything the dems want to do outside of gun control, so Don't Blame Us.

Always On Watch said...

This Congress -- the House, I mean -- has no balls!


No vestiges of balls, either.

What is the PROBLEM?

Cowed into white guilt?

Political corruption?

Kid said...

AOW, I think it's all 3, mostly no balls, then corruption, then I'd call it racial fear.

Also, I like you folks and since I'm not going to comment at that Geez post any further, I say my comment had nothing to do with lust, it had everything to do with procreation in the most abstract sense.

In reality, I'm the human version of the Emperor Penguin.

Always On Watch said...

Point of clarification...I wasn't offended by your "on the hunt" comment.

Kid said...

Thx :)

Average American said...

IMPEACH the "Affirmative Action President" and we'll make do with Joe Biden. I'll take a bumbling old fool gaffer ANY DAY over the SOB we are stuck with now!

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....You have been NOMINATED! Participate or not -- your call.