Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can't Blame This School

Parents have legitimate rights to complain and to make inquiries. But apparently the parents at this school went too far:

My parents didn't whine at the school when I didn't do my homework. Instead, I got an ass beating!


Brooke said...

I have reached the point with my son that, if he chooses not to do his work he can take the fail, and I've told him so. I will help him when he needs it, but I won't do it for him or stand over his shoulder and make sure he does it.

I have had to complain about bus service, though. When my daughter came home last year (she was in kindergarten) and asked what it meant when the driver called the kids a "bunch of little assholes" the principal and transportation dept. and I had some words.

Alexander Münch said...

Dare you - Tell them to sit at the back of the bus!...

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Will said...

Wow love that tape , should be mandatory all over the country.
And yes my parents were of the same type as yours Mr AOW call me old fashion but they were right and kids respected their parents.

Freedombytheway said...

Congratulations on your blog! I have to borrow this with a hat tip to you! This is too wonderful not to share (with my e-mail buddies who don't blog, as well).