Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teacher's Pet

On the first day of school, the children brought gifts for their teacher.

The supermarket manager's daughter brought the teacher a basket of assorted fruit.

The florist's son brought the teacher a bouquet of flowers.

The candy-store owner's daughter gave the teacher a pretty box of candy.

Then the liquor-store owner's son brought up a big, heavy box. The teacher lifted it up and noticed that it was leaking a little bit.. She touched a drop of the liquid with her finger and tasted it.

"Is it wine?" she guessed. "No," the boy replied. She tasted another drop and asked, " Champagne ?"

"No," said the little boy............."It's a puppy!"


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

OOOOOh! Puppy Pee ...

Brooke said...

Wonder what the proof on that is? ;)

Alexander Münch said...


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Anonymous said...

I love puppies, but would welcome a kitten more at this stage of life.

I had a tiny little orphan -- he couldn't have been more than five weeks old -- show up in my garage. The only way I knew it was because I could hear his tiny cries from behind the boxes piled along one wall.

Well, I put out some food, and also a litter box, and sure enough he started eating right away -- AND he used the box without any coaxing whatever.

It took three weeks before he'd even let me see catch a glimpse of him, but he knew just what to do and what not to do right away. Amazing!

I love cats for their independence as much as the love they give us -- when they feel like it.

Anyway, it's a funny story.


~ FreeThinke

Black Sheep said...

That water dish had spilled. That's all. See what happens when you leap to conclusions? :-)

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for that kitten story.

Mr. AOW will see your comment later today when he wakes up. After an evening at the VFW on Friday and an outing with me yesterday on a drive to see some of the beautiful Christmas lights in the neighborhood, he's exhausted. He hasn't slept this late in a while.

But that's okay.

Little by little, he's getting stronger.

Merry Christmas, FT.

Mr. AOW said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I wish that we had a kitten. They are so cute and funny.