Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out And About Today

Today, Mrs. AOW and I are going Christmas shopping at one of the big local malls.

We're biting the bullet and hiring a private handicapped taxi, so that I can take my own scooter to the mall and to save Mrs. AOW's back from having to push me around in a wheelchair. 

This area does have a paratransit service for the handicapped, but it left a friend and me stranded when we went to a gun show.  A horrible experience.  The paratransit service, I mean.

While at the mall, Mrs. AOW and I will also be eating at one of the restaurants there. I'm really looking forward to this outing!  Especially with Mrs. AOW. 

And I get another outing on Friday when one of the guys is taking me to the local VFW for a pool tournament.  There will be food, food, food.  And beer.

Mrs. AOW and I don't have a lot to buy on our shopping trip today. Our circle of friends is quite small since I had a stroke over two years ago.

We already got our wonderful neighbors their Christmas gift, thanks to Woodsterman. He made the walnut weedpot below to our specifications:

A unique gift that will look great in our neighbors' house! It's furnished with antiques, and our neighbors are partial to walnut.

Learn more about Woodsterman's work HERE and HERE.  Great stuff!


Brooke said...

Odie is quite talented!

A bit late to the post, so I hope you had a great time out at the mall! I hope the meal was good, too. :)

I have to bite the bullet and do my Christmas shopping this Wednesday. Oooof.

Will said...

Hi You both have a great day, lets hope it's not to crowded.Been early christmas shopping last weekend a nightmare to park and shop, sometimes you would swear it's all for free judging by the crowd.lol
Yes he does have really nice wooden artifacts if you ask me nothing beats wood , the warmth , the glow it's just alive.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank You for kind words and links. I hope your neighbors enjoy the weedpot as much as I did making it for you. While I was on a roll, I decided to restock with more. It will be weedpotty around here for a couple of weeks.

Mr. don't you mean beer, beer, beer, and food? I can understand how an exciting trip out could confuse a guy. You two have fun and take care of that Mrs. of yours.

Ron R said...

Enjoy your outing and the Christmas season. Like you I love Black Walnut woodwork. I do a little woodwork, but not as much as a few years back. I like to make hiking sticks and smoking pipes.

Always On Watch said...

What a day!

We did accomplish a lot.

But handicapped taxi was 1.5 hours late in picking up Mr. AOW on the return trip.

If we had known that the taxi was going to be so late, we could have accomplished much more shopping. **sigh**

Still, Mr. AOW had a grand time being out and about. I'm sure that he'll be exhausted for a few days.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what a "weedpot" might be, but whatever it is, it's BEAUTIFUL. Looks like a piece of sculpture by Brancusi, whose work is in permanent exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art, so that's a compliment.

So glad you both got "out and about." It may be exhausting, but it's also refreshing.

Have a wonderful Christmas -- both you and the Mrs.

~ FreeThinke