Saturday, December 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Has This One Right

The woman took her pants off too many times, and now she wants somebody else to pay for her screwing parties:

Beck's money quote:
Lady. Did you have your pants off maybe too many times in your life? Is that possible? Is it possible? What are you out doing? What are your children out doing? I’d like to know. How many of them are even mowing somebody’s lawn? How many of them are actually out trying to take any job, any job? Not a good job. Any job. What is it you have done? Have you thought about birth control? Here’s an idea. Have you thought about marrying a man?

Have you thought about marrying a man or not having kids with a man who isn’t going to jail? Have you thought about, you know, maybe we should slow down on the sex thing? Accountable? I’m not accountable for your life. I am accountable for my life. I have been working my ass off, lady. What have you been doing?”


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

There's one more obama voter!

Alexander Münch said... 
to you & Mrs. AOW my friend & Happy Hanukkah, INFIDELS!

Brooke said...

No, there's 15 more Obama voters times their offspring... exponential.