Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This is America?

Video dated January 24, 2013:

Here's the information from YouTube, and you may want to read the information before watching the video:
This was the least violent video, and my other video had persons in it who asked me respectfully not to put them on public view so I did find a video editor and I am now trying to edit the videos(crop the persons out that r not fighting) and then I will upload the rest as far as this video it was the end of the fight, this fight went on for ten mins or more there were actually 3 fights going on at one time, to the point the person that I accompanied and I went in the bathroom for a few minutes and then I came back out video taped this last little bit, I did not put the first part of what I recorded because It was kinda brutal 3 girls jumping one, and yes the guard did pretty much allow it to happen, as you see after the fight ended I followed all 3 guards outside where they continued to laugh and make fun of the girl who got jumped, although she is the one who initially kinda started it with the girls who jumped her, but they didn't jump her until her friend was called to the back by her caseworker, so they attacked her when her friend was gone. The guards stayed outside even after the fight was way over with, they never once called any police enforcement and yes if you would see the beginning of this video it is very evident that the guards allowed this fight and then once the girls knees buckled as the guard outside was saying the short fat black one) he then decided to help her cause she was out in his book, so you don't have to break up the fight until someone is out? Listen very closely and watch them guards outside in the end of the video, they are even doing gang affiliated hand shakes before they walk out the door and start joking about the situation, instead of calling the law enforcement.
What parasites!

One more video:


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Freebee mobsters. Look at that herd of sheep.

Ducky's here said...

Yes. The under class has been built and is probably with us for the duration.

Average American said...

And you can bet that EVERY single one of them voted for obama, at least once! The problem will only get worse. Did you notice all the meal tickets, er, I mean kids running around? More of them than parents. Bodes badly for the next generation.