Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Coming Election

The primary goal should be getting Barack HUSSEIN Obama out of the White House. He's got to be the worst President EVER. America is never going to be the same again even IF he's voted out of office.

My parents used to say, "Things can't get much worse." In the past three years, things have gotten so much worse that I'm glad my parents aren't around to see this! FUBAR!

So far, all the GOP is doing to defeat Barack HUSSEIN Obama is shooting themselves in the foot, with the media's help, of course.


Brooke said...

FUBAR, indeed!

My husband often says that he's glad his father isn't still here to see this mess.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The real FUBAR is that 47% of the American people will defend him to the end. That's because he comes to their towns barring gifts. Yes they are the "Takers" of our society. Do they say thank you, no, they say we,re not giving enough.

-FJ said...

Obama doesn't just get "media" help. There are plenty of special interest Republican bloggers out their demonizing other Republican voters, calling them racists and anti-Semites for supporting Tea Party candidates.