Friday, January 6, 2012

Great Post!

The other day, Mrs. AOW found this on her blog rounds when she visited Frankenstein Government. Excerpt:
...[Our loser politicians] are in the mother of all Catch 22's. They can't raise taxes- because there simply isn't enough money to cure this mess and people are taxed out and will vote them out. They refuse to cut government funding because they are convinced the world will go to hell in a hand basket without some giant waste of money like the Department of Education.

That leaves politicians with one option. Take care of their own personal lives and fortunes and grab as much largesse as they can while they can....
The rest of the post is just as good. Go read it!

I feel like our country is disappearing before our very eyes.


Will said...

Hi Mr AOW.

Yes i agree with some of it altough some of the things Obama is proposing sounds more like a communist program to solve things , the Goverment giving youngsters a job to keep themn off the treets and gain their votes , the gov refinancing all the mortgages meanwhile the gov owns all the land and properties , these last 3 years how many land grabs has obama executed.Most people will be surprised to learn that nearly 30% of the 2.63 million square miles of the United States is directly owned by the federal government.

This federal land is located primarily in the West. For example, 69.1% of Alaska is owned by the federal government and 84% of Nevada. More than half of both Utah and Idaho is owned by the federal government. Other western states such as Arizona, California, Wyoming, Oregon, New Mexico and Colorado have from 53.1% to 36.6% of their land allocated to the federal government.If he gets the private property also in his hands you get a really scary picture of good old communism.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The libs, as usual, have picked the language for the argument. If a lower budget is proposed, thus lowering the amount of money borrowed, it's called a "cut". Only in Washington.

Don't forget, The politicians and the News Media went to the same schools.

Ron R said...

It's not only the feds, but the state and local "money grabbers" do the same thing! We are all, all losers in this game!