Friday, August 3, 2012

Another Day at the Coin Show

Tomorrow I am going to the local coin show again.   I'll be spending about 5 hours at the show.

My last trip to the coin show was in May.

I'm looking for specific coins this time:

1. 1942P proof war nickel

2. 1995 double-die penny

3.  7 -over-8TF (tail feather) Morgan silver dollar

4. 1931S cent

I may not find all of those coins in the grades I'm looking for. Also, Mrs. AOW doesn't let me take a credit card or the check book.

I'm not looking for any Christmas presents this time around.


Will said...

Sounds really interesting, i know the feeling i'm not allowed to take a credit card to antique auctions.:)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good luck in your hunt. I do a little on the side myself. When I was younger I was quite serious about it. Starting to get back into it again.

-FJ said...

I only have one old coin... it bares the imprint of a famous "historian's" relative. I'm saving it to give to Charon when the time comes to cross over.

Leticia said...

Have fun!

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW is really excited now. Not only is he going to a coin show this weekend, he is also going to a car show with one of the guys. A fun weekend!

Mr. AOW said...

I don't know much about ancient coins. I do know a few dealers who specialize in ancients. The books that give details about ancient coins cost more than the coins!

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW found a few items on his list. He found several items on a friend's list, too. This friend is taking Mr. AOW to a car show tomorrow. Yeehaw!

For once the paratransit van was on time for both ends of the trip. A good day.

Black Sheep said...

A 1995 double-die cent? Did you mean the 1955? I'll have to look that up now.

I picked up a 2009s proof set of the 6 possessions silver quarters in NGC pf70 Ultra Cameo for $120 a few weeks ago on a Buy It Now. Wow, are they ever gorgeous.

There's a lot of satisfaction in collecting coins. Mine is a small collection but besides my enjoyment of just looking at it, it's a nest egg. All that stuff keeps going up in price. I jumped on a few 2011D Army clad halfs while they were flooding the market. Now you can hardly find any and the price is way up.

Mr. AOW said...

Black Sheep,
I meant the 1995DD. But at the show the dealers wanted $150. The coin would run about $75 in grade MS-66+.

Glad to talk coins with you any time. I was a coin dealer for 14 years and a collector for a long time before that. Even though I am disabled now, I can get back into coin dealing a little now. Not much, but a little. Going to coin snows gets me out of the house!