Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to Stroke Therapy

These days, I barely have any time for blogging.

As of August 8, I am getting PT and OT again after over two years of no therapy.

At least twice a week, I go to an outpatient therapy center at one of the hospitals here. This particular center is relatively new and trying to make a name for itself.

I'm working hard and hoping for some real progress so that we can get rid of the potty chair in the living room.

At least some of the time, Mrs. AOW hires the MetroAccess paratransit service to take me on my scooter.  The round trip costs about $20 for each trip.  That's on top of the $40 cost of each therapy session.  Oh, well.  You get what you pay for!

Also, I have to leave the house way ahead of my therapy appointment time to get to my therapy sessions on time.  If I'm really early getting there, I hit the cafeteria.  Sometimes, I leave the house around 1:00 P.M. and don't get home until 7:00 P.M.  But all that time with me away from home gives Mrs. AOW a break.  She deserves one!

If I make enough progress, I will get stroke therapy for more than just the month of August.  I must be doing okay because the therapy center is already talking about the September schedule.

I feel a lot better about life now that I'm getting some help with learning new skills for how to cope better.  I've already learned several valuable tricks to make life better.

I'm sick of being a burden.


Adrienne said...

You're not a burden. See yourself as helping others get to heaven. It's a big job to do and God only picks those who are good enough and strong enough for the position.

Your therapy sounds like it's going really well. Have they given you things to do at home, too?

Will said...

Hi Mr. AOW.

Never give up hope, keep a positive attitude.
Yes i know how it feels to be 'depending' or a 'burdon' i don't like it either.
Just trust in God, slowly the rest will heal as well.
Being outside the house also changes your thoughts it's healthy to meet others at the cafeteria and exchange views.
My thoughts are with you and Mrs AOW.
Yes it's nice that she gets a break, i hate it also to have to put extra work on my partner her shoulders.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Use that potty chair for a potted plant later.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW catches the bus in just a few minutes. In fact, he's outside right now on his scooter and polishing the wheels on our Mustang.

The therapy that he's getting will go through at least September.

We are so grateful that he's finally getting practical therapy.

As for that potty chair as a potted plan, my one nosey neighbor will have fits when I put it out on the lawn right in front of her house. Hehehe.

Kid said...

All Good thoughts your direction.

Brooke said...

That's great! Any improvement is a step forward. If only it didn't take TWO YEARS to get the help!

@AOW: You've got to take a pic of that neighbor freaking out! LOL!

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW is exhausted after yesterday's therapy sessions.

But good stuff happened! The OT found some working nerves in Mr. AOW's left hand! We don't yet know if those nerves can be harnessed to learn new tasks.

And PT was excellent too. Something about an electrode in the shoe to bring those toes up; Mr. AOW has severe dropfoot as a result of the brain hemorrhage. The device is very expensive: our cost would be $10,000. But IF it will allow him to walk again -- really walk -- we'll start a fund, I think. I'll have to do blegs. Ugh.

Brooke said...

That's good news! Being able to use the hand would be wonderful; being able to walk again would be invaluable, even if it is with a walker or cane, ect.

Is the drop foot from contracture, or just weakness? Is there atrophy of the legs?

(If you don't mind my asking. Feel free to tell me to stuff it...)

If it's the latter, with a whole lot of PT, Mr. AOW could see some results!

Always On Watch said...

The drop foot is stoke damage. Babinsky, it is called?

He has a bit of atrophy in the affected leg, none at all in the other leg.

It remains to be seen how long Medicare will pre-auth therapy. We'll see.

The hemi-walker has helped at lot! But it takes up a lot of room. **sigh**

PS: Ask anything!

Mr. AOW said...

Back to therapy tomorrow, then straight to the VFW right afterward. The club has a pool tournament tomorrow night. I can't play pool now, but the guys will be there and will buy me a few beers.

I slept most of today. Worn out! But it's a good worn out!

Black Sheep said...

No, no. Don't get rid of that chair. Put some water in it, add a couple goldfish and sell it to a Muslim as a wishing well, OR forget the goldfish and sell it to a Muslim as a punch bowl. A basin for preparing halal meat. For washing his feet.

Yes, those are my 3 young hens.

Ducky's here said...

Best wishes for successful therapy Mr. AOW.

Although falling in with bad companions at the VFW may set back your exercises.

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for your well wishes. He is loving these therapy sessions, primarily because a therapist is now FINALLY working with his left hand. Not much neural activity there, but anything beats nothing.

Plus, it's good for him to get out on his own. For nearly three years, our relationship has been too much like mother and child. **sigh**

But I see a change coming! A good change!

Mr. AOW goes to the VFW on Friday evenings only -- and only once a month. After tonight's outing, he won't be "partying" for a while. His next therapy sessions are on Wednesday, so he has time to recover.

At least when he goes to the VFW, I don't have to fix dinner for him.

Z said...
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Z said...

Mr. AOW, I am so glad I dropped by today. I loved reading this because you sound so hopeful and show your terrific spirit, which I believe's the thing that's helped you along this far (to say nothing of that beautiful spirit Mrs AOW!)

I once had foot surgery and had to rely on others for about a week. I can't IMAGINE what you feel after all this time.
God bless, Mr're my hero! :-)

Mr. AOW said...

What a nice comment! Thank you!